Information for Tenants

Finding a home to rent
Waldorf Apartments offers a variety of apartment types which can be either fully furnished or unfurnished, but always with white ware provided. There are Waldorf rental properties for everyone; a fully serviced apartment for corporate, a stylish cozy 3-bedroom apartment for your family of or a budget studio for student accommodation within walking distance of the City Campus. 
Applying for an Apartment
Once you have found an apartment to suit your needs, you will need to apply for tenancy with the Waldorf Group. Fill in the Application for Tenancy form, including all relevent documentation, and also the Consent Form for Rental Information to allow us to make background checks on previous tenancies. Return paperwork to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by fax to +64 9 377 8664
Before you move in
Once you have applied for a rental property and you are selected we will contact you to sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement and inform you personally of everything you need to know before you move in.
Move in costs
Once you have found your new home to rent you will have to pay several costs before you can move in. These costs are divided into three sections:

- Two weeks rent in advance
- Four weeks rent as bond
- Administration fee
Your Bond
Waldorf take four weeks rent as a bond. We lodge this money to the Department of Building and Housing and they held the money to cover any unpaid rent, damage to the property (if that damage can be shown to be the tenant’s fault) or any other claim. If the property has been properly looked after and the rent is paid in full, the tenants should get their bond money refunded after they move out. For more information look at the DBH website – All about tenancy bonds.
Paying your rent
By law rent must be paid when it is due. Waldorf has the policy that rent must be paid one week in advance. Read more information about paying rent. If you are in arrears with your rent payment we will send you a 14 days’ notice to remedy the  breach. Please make sure you pay your rent when it is due. Setting up an automatic payment is the best option to not miss a weekly or fortnightly payment. Keep also track of all your rent payments.
Property Inspections
Waldorf conducts minimum three routine property inspections per year on the properties. This is to inform the landlord of the state of the property and to ensure the property is kept in a good state good state of cleanliness by the tenant. We will serve you with a minimum of 48 hours notice before we enter the property to conduct the inspection.
Repairs & Maintenance
Some maintenance will be picked up during the routine inspection we carry out, further then that as a tenant you need to tell us (the landlord agency) as soon as possible about any damage or anything that needs to be fixed. You can use the Maintenance Request form for this.
Ending your tenancy
When you would like to move out you will need to end your tenancy agreement. Ending your tenancy agreement depends per type of agreement:
Periodic tenancyYou need to give us 21 days notice if you are on a periodic agreement. Download Notice of Intention to Vacate
Fixed-term tenancy: If you are under a fixed-term tenancy you cannot end your tenancy before the fixed-term. A fixed term tenancy becomes automatically a periodic tenancy at the end of the term unless either party gives a notice that says they want the tenancy to finish at the end of the fixed term. This notice needs to be given no sooner than 90 days before the end of the fixed-term and no later than 21 days before the end of the fixed-term. Download Notice of Intention to Vacate